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For years, I have read and cherished Sydney Abugri’s column in the Daily Graphic, Ghana’s leading daily newspaper. The weekly (Friday) column, Letter to Jomo, has been educative for a number of reasons: One, the substantive social, political, and economic commentary about issues in Ghana; Two, the sheer quality of his “user-friendly” style of communication; and Three, the satiric devices that capture the readers attention discretely through logic and humour.

Besides my subjective fondness for his substance and style, Mr. Abugri has won objective acclaim and media awards too many to count, for example: Journalist of the Year, Best Feature Writer, Best Columnist, Best Regional Correspondent, and more.

If ever there were a prize for someone defying the odds against abject poverty, rising up and filling the room at the top, Mr. Abugri would earn that prize too. I envy him for his determination and tenacity on the one hand, and admire him immensely on the other.
From the most humble beginnings, Mr. Abugri has risen steadily to the top by clutching at his own bootstraps through teaching, learning, researching, writing, and is always engaged with concern over what is meaningful and right. His outputs are ideal for secondary and tertiary education and deliberations. He covers the gamut of what is relevant.      
The other respect I have for him is his constant quest for self-improvement. He is persistent in seeking and clearing higher and higher hurdles every time.   
He is such an asset to the reading public that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him for support whenever an opportunity arises for his professional development. The better he gets, the better we readers get from him.
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