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The other Sunday morn­ing, I joined these Jesus People in a downtown church house to- see how they worship their God. No sooner had the Osofo begun his introductory prayer and the congrega­tion was responding, than a very large and somewhat rowdy crowd came by, and set up a thun­derous din that drowned out Osofo's voice. 

Trailing the crowd which was apparently bound for the venue of a party campaign rally' nearby, came a convoy of motor vehicles bedecked in the colours of one of the political parties and carrying more singing and chanting party sup­porters. With a vast sea of party colours everywhere, you got the illusory picture of a multitude of landscape painters gone berserk with their brushes. I heard someone say "Aba! Wetin bi dis? Campaign for Sunday morning too?" 

Later this huge, truck roared up from down the street, all loaded up with giant loudspeakers pounding out jumpy, rhythmically seductive sounds at a thousand decibels, bam: bam abam boom bam, bam bam abam boom bam ... , even as the congregation sang through a hymn. Holy, righteous noise versus the noise of earthly kingmakers! 

Incidentally, Osofo’s sermon was on the kingship of Christ. According to Osofo, Jesus was above all earthly kings but His kingship was one of service with such incredible humility, that he submitted to a most cruel and humiliating death. By contrast, Osofo noted, earthly leaders tend to see leadership not as an opportunity to serve, but as one to lord it over the people who gave them the power and authority. Invariably, earthly kings lure voter with promises of a better life but no sooner are they made leaders, than ahh, they begin to take the people for granted in many more ways than one... 

This Osofo talks sense papapa is what I told myslef, Jomo. I have been in this business called journalism for close to four decades, and I have seen individuals undergo instant physi­cal transfiguration and a transformation of personal circum­stances, while at the same time developing an aura of the most condescending arro­gance imaginable, all at the flap of a ballot paper!

Those chasing power with such zeal appear to be swimming in money, going by the advertising blitz they embark upon every election year. Giant campaign billboards across the city loudly crave voters' attention. The billboards blur and blot out everything else that flutters in the Atlantic breeze on the lower skyline.

In the next few weeks, you will see motor vehicles painted up in NPP and NDC colours from bonnet to rear bumper, and fea­turing portraits of presidential candidates all over the place.

Jomo, we are well and truly freaked out on an overdose of hate campaigning, whatever you perceive that to be: Insults, innuendo, accusations and counter-accusations bordering on libel. Makes you wonder if the good old country is not divided beyond redemption.

Our country’s politics is at once, amusing, amazing and perplexing. There are for example, those comic mascots of the presi­dential race, nonde­script individuals who materialize on the land­scape out of nowhere and begin to sing "vote for me" knowing they will not get a quarter of a vote.

The comic relief team which graced the last election year included a happy chap who went to the Elec­toral Commissioner to register as a candidate clutching his registra­tion documents in one of those black plastic bags a construction workman might carry his lunch of roast groundnuts and plantain in. 

Don’t run off just yet, Jomo, there is a lone and spectacular headline to dispose of: “58 chiefs endorse Akufo-Addo.” The tale is that the chiefs who are all in the Ashanti Region, say their traditional jurisdictions have been starved of infrastructural development projects because they are perceived as NPP strongly holds. They are therefore making an open declaration for the NPP presidential candidate and infrastructure be damned.

You know what, Buddy? The response to this compliant was given even before the complaint was made. Let me explain. While campaigning in the Ashanti Region in 2012, John Mahama said that when it comes to electoral politics in the Ashanti Region, it is always heads-you-lose-tails-you-lose for the NDC. According to him, no matter the level of infrastructural development an NDC administration undertakes in the Ashanti region, the region will never vote for the party.

My Twi is darned rusty, Jomo, but I recall him quoting a proverb in Akan to the effect that, no matter how gracefully the fowl dances, the fox will never, ever applaud!