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I am hot. Boiling, bubbling, simmering hot! The problem is that I have a problem. Two problems as a matter of fact: I have tale I must spin at all cost, but darned if I know where to start. Beginning from the beginning is probably always the best starting point:

Land administration in Ghana appears to be in a state of real chaos, to the extent that the demarcated piece of land in Ghana today that is not the subject of bitter litigation is the exception and gun-wielding private armies known as land guards have taken over land administration in the country.

Before we proceed any further please, please help me out with this puzzle, will you: Can anyone anywhere on this earth rightfully stake any claim to private ownership of land? Do the laws of nature acknowledge private ownership or control of anything except the products of labour {physical or mental}?

Here I am sitting behind my little lap top machine, typing a poem. No one can walk in and rightfully claim ownership of the machine because I paid for it. Now, take note that I acquired the right to ownership only through purchase and that the PC was the product of labour by the original owner.

Then there is the poem itself. When I am done with the poem, no one can claim ownership of it because I was the one who exerted my faculties to produce it. In other words, a person can only stake a rightful claim to private ownership of a product of his or her labour or the labour of someone  from whom the right of ownership has been received.

Since it is the product of mental or physical labour which confers on anyone the private right to possession and enjoyment of the product of his labour, how can anyone anywhere rightfully claim ownership to land, since no one can produce land?

It makes sense for the state or a traditional body to manage or hold land in trust for communities but how can the state sell land to anyone? Please help. My poor head cannot crack this nut.


My second problem: The public and especially the opposition and human rights groups, are still seething with anger over the recent police brutalities and excessive use of force to suppress protests by a political pressure group n calling for the compilation of a new voters register.


There is the possibility of more bad news coming up as the ill-fated protest in unlikely to be the very last. I am always jittery about street protests and heave a mighty sigh of relief when one ends without mishap-fractured skulls and limbs. It is uncanny but have you noticed the ever-abiding presence of "demon" in demonstration?


The basic problem with public protests is that crowds of demonstrators cannot be given natural boundaries no matter how hard anyone tries. Where artificial boundaries such as police barriers or prescribed routes are imposed on protesters, there is always still the likelihood that the protesters will spill over and cause trouble.


Yet, the police cannot permit demonstrators to pass through the central business district of Accra during protest march­es, as there is such a great concentra­tion of com­mercial and business activ­ities in the city center.


From my observation, most normally well-behaved and law-abid­ing individu­als easily become trans­formed once they experience the anonymity of a very large crowd. Once an indi­vidual is in a crowd of protesters, he begins to think, feel and act quite differently than if he were on his own. He loses all inhibitions! We can only hope that all con­cerned with these demonstrators are able to figure out the implica­tions and seek a solution.


Solving our problems has become a circus. No sooner has a solution to a national problem been presumably found, than a dozen other problems related to first begin popping up all around the supposed solution like detonating landmines.

Problems there are galore. Outline a solution to any one of the multitude of problems facing our mighty Republic and our people and I will have all ready for you in less than half a second, a kilometer-long list of reasons why your solution won’t work!