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You have no doubt heard of "pee­-cee." Not Bill Gates' high technology toy of a data and information processing desktop machine. I am referring to "political correctness." In political correctness a rapist is “a psychologically chal­lenged individual" a dis­abled person is "physical­ly challenged" and a pros­titute, morally so!


So what is a street beggar in "pee-cee"? A financially challenged per­son, what else? The other day, as the traffic lamp near the Trade Union Congress close to the Holy Spirit Cathedral went red, I watched a motorist reach out an arm from the stagnant stream of motor vehicles and hand such a one, a Ghana cedi coin.


Ghana cedi? I wonder why they call it that. It is as puzzling as it is wacky: Everyone writes the symbol of our national currency according to fancy and there is no stopping anyone. The variations include, GHC, GHS, Ghc, GHs, C etc. The Bank of Ghana does not appear to be in least bothered about our weird description of the national currency:


There are the American dollar, British pound, French Franc, German mark, Japanese Yen, South African rand etc, but guess what happens when it comes to Ghana? Ghana has the Ghana cedi, believe it or not! How in the name of Mr Kwaku Ananse can a noun qualify another noun? You cannot blame me for wondering what is up with Bank of Ghana Governor, Dr. Wampah.



On second thought, it actually has less to do with grammar as with common sense and logic. Yet what might we expect from a republic where everyone without exception has gone raving nuts? I hope that is not being politically incorrect.


Anyhow, I was telling you about this financially chal­lenged woman, wasn’t I? She stared baleful­ly at the coin, pulled a kilo­metre-long face, snorted and attempted to stride off with what was left of her dignity, her frail frame wasted by malnutrition and probably disease, floating along with ghostly sulkiness down to the next car, a big, black Mercedes....


The cedi and the beggar. I am minded to write an essay so titled, about those living on the fringes of survival. All beg­gars in the national capital will starve one by one and finally go extinct, unless they form an association. A crowd of bedraggled beggars fam­ished to the bone, demon­strating on the streets is what they need to let people understand that when a cur­rency keeps depreciating at the rate of the cedi, alms must neces­sarily get a generous hike!


Quite surprisingly and but for the constant fall of our cedi and the attendant eco­nomic hardship eating away at our very existence, I could have sworn that Ghana is the Almighty God's own country along the Atlantic coast.



How else do we explain the fact that the most power­ful and most wealthy rulers and monarchs of the world, politicians, business people, evangelists and show business celebrities  keep trooping here by the dozen by the hour? Forget about Bill Clinton, the queen and Obama. Even His Majesty Paduka Seri Banginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'Izzaddin Waddaulah has been here before.


If Bill Gates is not curious to see this tiny geographical phenomenon of a nation, let

him stay at home in his US$53,392,000 mansion in Seattle and play with his table-top magic toys, down loading wares with the help of his mice! Up to date, the man has not told the world what the plural of the computer mouse is, but methinks it should be mice and not computer mouses, anaa..?


So Bill Gates has a US$53,392,000 mansion, huh? He should see the US$400 million residence of that money bag of a monarch called whatziz name again..? His Majesty Paduka Seri Banginda Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'Izzaddin Waddaulah! I wonder how much the chap is worth today. At the time of the Sultan’s visit, Bill Gates had beaten the man to second place on the planetary scale of individual wealth. Gates was worth US$39.8 billion and the Sultan US$38 bil­lion at the time.


Today, with a mind-numbing net worth of US$ 79.2, Bill Gates has left the Sultan many streets behind but do not be fooled: Gates’s wealth sags and rises in rhythm with the changing fortunes of Microsoft. The Sultan's just keeps growing, so for all we know, Mr. Waddaulah may  be hot on Gates’s heels. I hope I have not written anything that is politically incorrect!