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If you think it is partisan politics that keeps throwing up the most hilarious news headlines, you score ten out of ten points for bull’s eye accuracy: “Akua Donkor shows up in Italy with President Mahama.”Honestly?

This old lady, paa! She would probably take mighty offense or protest with righteous indignation if she heard you call her that! Only recently, she summoned the energy to travel all way from the south of the republic to Tongo in the Upper East Region where the most recent parliamentary by-election was held, for the Lord knows what.

Foot soldiers of the NPP {which was to lose the by-election} were far from amused to see her at Tongo, nosing around NPP gatherings and threatened to vandalize  her motor car, where upon, her  driver hauled her out of the place pretty fast to safety.

In the 2012 national election, the founder, leader and presidential candidate of the Ghana Freedom Party was unable to run for president because of her inability to file her nomination papers in good time. She however calmly let her presidential ambition take a nap, and entered instead, into an electoral collaboration of sorts with Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom’ Peoples Progressive Party.

As part of the collaboration, Madam Donkor was to lend her party’s support for Dr Nduom’s presidential bid.

As you must have heard at the time, the strange electoral alliance if we might call it that, turned raw lemon-sour after Dr Nduom’s uninspiring showing at the poll, when Madam Akua staunchly refused to return a Tundra pickup she had received from the PPP to be used for backing up Nduom’s campaign. She insisted the Tundra was a gift.

Commenting on the dispute with Dr Nduom on television, she retorted, “I am not Paa Kwesi Nduom’s wife.  I am not his maid. After he defected from the CPP to form the PPP, he did not have even one supporter. So he asked that I give him my supporters and in return, he would give me the Tundra vehicle, so I don’t owe him anything.”

The Ghana Freedom Party leader threw the word “thief” at the honourable Dr Nduom, for reportedly going to her residence and taking away the pickup without her knowledge and approval.

Nduom and Madam Donkor if you also recall, ended up in court in the dispute over the ownership of the car and darned if anyone remembers what happened to the case, except that the PPP did retrieve the Tundra. Now, what was she doing in Milan where the president had travelled last week? Maybe, that is not a fair question, but it is one political snoop dogs cannot help asking.

Apparently now conscious that she easily makes the headlines anytime a reporter spots her anywhere, Madam Donkor has since 2012 been gate crashing high profile events and showing up at the most unlikely places, but showing up in the Italian city of Milan with the first gentleman of our republic..!

I hope she is not one of them: Every election year, they show up without fail, political jesters and circus clowns who would be president of this country even though they usually know too full well they do not stand a dog’s chance of presidential electoral victory any more than the world’s most wanted terrorist has a chance of wining and dining with Obama in the White House. Safe for their own one vote, they usually do not get even half a vote, so you wonder why they bother.

Some say it is a slowly emerging if also bizarre enterprise in partisan politics in Ghana: Invest in the formation of a political party, get the media to hype up its entry into the country’s electoral politics and then SELL it! Sell what? The political party or rather whatever votes its members real or imaginary, represent!

We can only hope that Madam’s multiple adventures are not rehearsals for a confirmation of the commercialization of partisan politics in 2016.

The woman who has promised to pay journalists a trillion cedis in annual salaries if she goes to the presidency, insists there is no way she is going to give up her presidential bid: She claims to have spent millions of cedis on her political activities to date, and says she has enough money to continue with her campaign.

Not being able to speak English may be a bit of a handicap, but she could probably still manage with communication it at the presidency, were it not for her propensity to doze off. The presidency is not for taking long naps in, you know. That there is a famous picture of her very fast asleep in the chamber of Parliament in 2012, has not stopped her from staunchly insisting that it never happened!