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The weatherman could not have known what hit him: Great peels of thunder rocked the national capital with such shattering intensity shortly after dawn, yesterday, that it shook buildings and trees and probably things unseen...

I do not recall any thunder storm of that magnitude and scale lasting for as long as this one did. For much of the early morning, thunder roared relentlessly from east to west and then northward and back to east again with a detonating ferocity. With every great flash across the sky, you instinctively braced up for the frightening clap that must come, and it went on and on and on non-stop.

It got so very frightening you could have sworn God was trying to tell this very controversial country something. It certainly sounded like the kind of exploding roar in which Alijah had reckoned he might hear God speak. The repeated shocks eventually disabled and silenced car alarms which had set up quite a din in many communities when the rain began.

I felt anxious about people who would unavoidably be out in the open and vulnerable places and spaces. These are the kinds of thunderstorms that also ignite fires.

Then there was the rain of course. The mighty claps of fierce thunder had taken away the joy of the usual soothing and pleasant sound of falling rain. The rain however outlasted the thunder, continuing to rain well into the late morning.

An early warning has come for the National Disaster Management people and all emergency services and you can only they are looking sharp.

In the meantime, life goes on in the great republic where it appears the  exercise of the right to freedom of expression is quite fine as long as it is one group of people which exercises this right but not when another group does the same.

When it comes to lending practical illustration to the exercise of freedom of speech and expression as a democratic right of every citizen, politicians in Ghana could certainly  learn a lesson or two from goats and cows and sheep and dogs and pigs…

If you were attentive in class at primary school you, will probably remember what your teacher taught about the total freedom of expression that prevailed among the animals on old McDonald’s  farm: They went moo-moo here and moo-moo there, quack-quack here and quack-quack there, wow-wow here and wow-wow there, meow-meow here and meow-meow there, without try to eat each other up.

Now the NPP’s Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe goes and says that it is unconstitutional for the NPP to insist that the president appoint the next electoral in broad consultation with other interests. To put it bluntly, political parties and some civil society groups want to have a say in the choice of the next EC.

The thrust of Dr Nyaho-Tamakloe's argument and that  of many other individuals who share his view, is that is that Ghana is governed by a constitution and the country’s constitution says in the appointment of an electoral commissioner, “the President shall, acting on the advice of the Council of State, appoint the Chairman, Deputy Chairmen, and other members of the Electoral Commission.”

The Council of State is made up of very prominent people of proven integrity and since members of the council are drawn from all 10 administrative regions of the country  it is broad base for consultation. The argument that members of the council are likely to do his bidding when it comes to the appointment of an EC, raises an obvious question: What then do we do with the constitution and its provisions relating to the appointment of an EC? Throw them away?

The opposition’s worry is that members of the council were appointed by the president and may therefore be inclined to accept the president’s choice without question.

It is probably much easier decoding the riddle of the Sphinx than telling what resides deep down the heart of the average human creature, but I very much doubt if President John Mahama is the kind person who would kill his conscience and appoint an Electoral Commissioner he considers so malleable as to do his bidding in declaring an election result that would maintain him power even if he lost the 2016 election. That is of course, unless his party held a big gun to his skull but even then, John Mahama..?


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