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A literary critique

Letter to Jomo is a socio-politico-cultural mine of information which I recommend for aficionados of literary writing, and serious journalists who can learn from a style that takes their profession away from the mundane to a higher plane.

Many more will find pleasure in reading the letters for the beauty of language and matter in them as well as the accuracy of information that they provide. Generations to come will find them readable, enjoyable and a repository of information on Ghanaian social history.

Professor A. B. K. Dadzie


George Sydney Abugri is a prolific, multi-award winning, Ghanaian newspaper journalist. He trained as a science and mathematics teacher, but migrated to journalism after a decade of teaching. 


Unrelenting Pan-Africanist. Hard-core nationalist. Patriot. Unrepentant arch-foe of political skullduggery. That is me alright, Jomo. I kiss politics with a bite and laugh at propaganda with my teeth. I joke about politicians with acidic corrosion and respect their right to swallow or spit out my stuff.

Hey, I am just kidding, Jomo: If you take yourself far too seriously all the time than is prudent in this land of unrelenting intrigue called Ghana, you will soon be making a circus clown of yourself before you know it.


I am giving up the search, Jomo. I am throwing in the darned cotton towel and calling it quits. It is just not worth my while anymore, old chap. A lifetime is too long to spend waiting for an answer to a very elementary question:

What is the actual motivation behind the quest by individuals in our country to get into positions of authority and power, using political parties as launching pads?


We must hand it to smart people without a fuss whatsoever, Jomo, if for no other reason than their resolute determination to stay ahead of the rest of us all the time.

There is a snag they must contend with though: Every adjective has a comparative and superlative and there will always be people smarter than the smart who in turn, must contend with the smartest around: